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  He ate at this time, are quietly saved, Mu Ye gave him the level of natural resources and treasures of those foods. These foods are nutritious and can replenish his own qi and blood in the first time.Tang Wulin nu way: "let you call you hurry up. I'm not sure what happened, but it feels really wrong. Hurry up, we will all gather on Poseidon Island. "Yuan En Yehui said faintly, "Let's talk about it when you can beat me. The weak are not qualified to ask me for contact. "What is this, what is this?

  "There are no saints in the world, which is the result of our consultation not long ago, but if you insist on breaking it, then I won't say anything more, but don't worry, I will be the first to destroy your pulse!" The peerless Ren Huang SiKongJia took a faint look at the three ancient sages in the field. There was no threat, but it was better than a threat. With the voice down, peerless Ren Huang SiKongJia took a look back at Ye Chong, then nodded slightly appreciatively, and immediately disappeared.8x影库在线播放器Su Yan beautiful eyes in extraordinary splendour, some surprised to look at the wings behind Yang Kai.Obviously, just the holy power is from him.


GuYueNa way: "just buy some food! Eat casually at home, sometimes go out for a walk and have a look. Sometimes I play with Xiaocui. "Chapter 60 The old man stays

"Come back! Brother Zhang, come back! " Yu Xiuping roared, "If we work harder, we can break through this stone gate and go in to escape. If you run now, where can you run?"Originally, I wanted to practice to the true Yuan realm, and I planned to do it again when I had the ability to fly, or I caught a flying monster beast on this hidden island and carried myself back, but either method was somewhat unreliable.Invincible.

"This person is not half a step the supreme emperor? When has it broken through? How many successful people are there in Terran! ?” Many people are in alarm.At this point, he raised his hands and made an embracing gesture in front of him. It can be clearly seen that his chubby palms became white as jade, and the whole body was rippling with soft soul.

Ye Xinglan took a deep breath in his hand, and then ate the bean paste bag.This close war was extremely tragic. At this point, the two sides had already left the star field where the Terran 70 institutes were located. I don't know how many bright Milky Way was destroyed because of their war. I'm afraid they would have made all the moves, but there was still no result.