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  The green and golden light appeared again, still like a whale, absorbing the soul force in Tang Wulin's body."I helped!" To the surprise of the dream shopkeeper, Yang Kai did not hesitate, but simply agreed. Let him prepare some wording, what to understand with reason, what to lure with force, all have no place.But obviously, none of these people are weak, and everyone is a strong one, which is unimaginable.Chapter one hundred and eighty-two The victim hidden island

  "The eleventh level is passed."67194 com免费视频This person also got a stone carving scripture, which was successfully opened, but in Ye Zhong's budget, he should not be able to refer to the stone carving scripture. But now that he has come here to retreat, Ye Zhong suspects that Luoshui may have mastered some ancient means and wants to understand the stone inscriptions.This is a physical confrontation. The protoss of Kuafu is strong, almost immortal and very powerful. And Ye Zhong has cut it a hundred times, and has already cultivated the immortal flesh to a thousand.


"Why are you such a smelly boy!" Turn over and stand up. Isn't this Jiang May? Tang Wulin recognized him when he released Wu Soul."Well, are you sure you want to do with me? Let me do it myself once? " Leaf weight light said, his look is very cold, as if to say something that has nothing to do with himself.

No wonder, no wonder Donghai College spared no expense to send them here. It's not too long for them to enter the Awakening Platform, but this time, the effect on them is absolutely great.Dong Er, I love you, Wutong, I love you. A loving voice echoed in Huo Yuhao's mind.The second game is about to start!

Yang Kai hurriedly looked up and saw a golden light slowly appearing in the huge whirlpool in the sky. The golden light was dazzling and brilliant. That ray of light was like a hand pulling through the clouds and showing the hidden things in the whirlpool in front of everyone.After just a cup of tea, Ang Tao could no longer avoid Yang Kai's attack with his posture. One of them couldn't dodge, and Yang Kai smashed his chest.

"But I still don't think so. I don't trust many of you. If someone can't help but make a move when I get to the place, wouldn't I be finished?" Ye Zhong was very passive and didn't want to lead the way at all. "I have said many times, I can't trust you!""hateful!"

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