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  Generate, an invisible suction from him, not far away, the black soul ring that had already appeared suddenly shot out in his direction like lightning."Steamed buns have meat not on the pleats!" Xu Lizhi read a spell, and a big meat bag was handed over."Well, why don't you be my warrior? I can ask my bodhi old zu to turn you into a descendant of the corpse king. You only need to listen to my orders in the future, and how about going with you everywhere?" He suddenly spoke when he won, but in a nutshell, it shows that he really respects Ye Chong.Severe roar, Tang Wulin was suspended in the air body smashed down.

  Su Yan didn't say anything, just took a deep look at Yang Kai and leaned forward and returned to the room.lube电影在线观看Ye Chong took a deep look at this person and immediately put a dangerous label on this Su Zhe. Write, such a character, can not provoke, or don't provoke is better. Because he may bring himself a big trouble at any time. Such a figure is not only as simple as a generation of teenagers, but also the horror of his scheming is probably beyond imagination.Many forces of the ship is silent to keep up with, and Sue's people, although very depressed, but it is not good. Because if they continue to find trouble with the ghost ship, it is likely that the final result will be that they will be wiped out by the Su family. And such a thing, other families will never make moves.


At the same time, except for the doomsday emperor, the other six supreme beings who are still alive are standing on the road to immortality at this moment. They have no signs of returning to heaven, and they seem to be struggling to support them, unwilling to fall like this.This is indeed a feast, but it definitely doesn't belong to them. If they want to get involved, they may not even be able to leave their bones in the end.

"Nothing is good." Yang Kai's heart was finally put down.The whole starry sky is quiet at this moment, and many strong corpses are ups and downs in their hearts. The rise of a generation of young and supreme invincible is irresistible, and they can't resist it if they want to.Advanced spirituality platform? He never knew about that existence. Just listen to Gu Yue vaguely mentioned, advanced Lingtai, is the core resource of the Lingta.

Even the faraway Beihai Fairy Tugankun heaved a sigh of relief secretly every day. Because, if Qiu Daozi and Ye Chong join hands, then he will be completely hopeless if he wants to compete for the position of Heaven Emperor in this life.Unique official website address: dldl. (to be continued. )

Tang Wulin sat cross-legged, around his body, with a faint blue halo. Their bluegrass was like a small snake, swinging freely around him.At the beginning of the blue butterfly shoveled gasped, staring at Nie Yong, only to find that his chest didn't have the slightest injury, and the awl that penetrated into it was gone.