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  "What saints are fighting for, exactly is what person? The legendary drug king? Refine the material of the emperor's soldiers? Or an immortal substance? Or is it something legendary? " Ye Zhong stared at the awning with a strange look. Although he didn't know what would happen, what was worth fighting for by saints was very extraordinary.I heard a loud noise, and the huge shadow in the sky fell to the ground that day, splashing smoke all over the place, and then revealing its original appearance.Silently, the nine-day coffin suddenly flew out slowly. At this moment, it seemed somewhat mysterious and cautious. It seemed that the god of the nine-day coffin actually woke up at this moment and was exploring the body.Tang Wulin didn't expect that he would be able to come to Poseidon Island so soon, which was incredible.

  I don't know how many times this scene has been repeated. Mashan feels that he has exerted himself very hard. Even an alloy has already been smashed into pieces. But Tang Wulin is fine. I can always get up and look wobbly, but I can always continue to fight.av一百万部任你搜But at this time, the big bubble suddenly began to turn red.The thousand forging in front of him is undoubtedly a very important test for him. Through the previous observation of Tang Wulin, Yong Tian believes that it is possible for him to complete it, especially after the strength growth, physical factors are not enough to bother him to complete it.


"Hum! Die. "The opening and ending of Chengxian Road may not be as perfect as the legend, but there may be some changes.

Ye Zhi and Hualantang have different concerns, but her eyes fell upon Gu Yue. Compared with the understanding of Tang Wulin, and even the understanding of other Shrek college students, this girl standing side by side with Tang Wulin is almost blank to them.A group of enchanted wolves appeared and tried to attack them. All of them were settled by a blue and silver spike array in Tang Wulin, and most of them were traumatized. For these ethnic groups whose main fighting capacity is the spirit beast for ten years, Tang Wulin didn't kill them, because for them, this level of spirit beast doesn't help to ascend the spirit.After Yang drove here, Blue Butterfly took a deep breath, her full chest swelled dramatically, and the coat tightly tied to her body seemed to burst open. Her beautiful eyes looked around: "Are you ready?"

"get out." The voice of Ji Juechen is not loud, but it is as cold as sen from Jiuyou.Hematoxylin looked at the people's reaction with satisfaction, with a snort of disdain in his nostrils.

A little bit of breath that belongs exclusively to the supreme emperor spreads out of the strong, but when it is about to fill the air on Ye Chong, it is rejected by an invisible breath. Leaf weight at the moment in the realm of extreme change, infinitely close to the supreme emperor, for the supreme emperor in the strong and not so afraid.Rosefinch shadow emerged at this moment, turned into the strongest blow, and suppressed it downward with an invincible attitude.