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  "Don't ask, no matter who comes, you have to die. There is no miracle!" Someone whispered.Ye Chong took this opportunity to leave this area. Soon, he met a group of young and strong corpses.Wen Feichen took the lead in coming here and stopped Yang Kai and Xia Ning. Seeing their satisfaction, they didn't attack again, just watching quietly."Don't talk, someone is coming!" Yang Kai held Xia Ning's petticoat in one hand and told him softly.

  Because, he saw a familiar figure, haunting the gate of that small sect. Although he concealed the original peerless face, Ye Chong would not admit his mistake.华人8x8x8xTang Wulin sink a track: "everyone Qi Xin together. Wait for the opportunity. "After driving for three days in a row, they finally came to a small town thousands of miles away from peak tower, where they checked their horses and found an inn to stay for the time being.


The next moment, the king of this statue of the third jingu suddenly made moves, and between his fingers, Lei Guang became a bird's shadow, and came to the place where Ye Chong was."This means is a bit too harsh. This guy didn't believe it before he died. His forbidden Lord would actually shoot him." Wheels hey hey smiled.

The two of them were talking, and Tang Wulin didn't have time to talk. Two heavy silver hammers in his hands flew out at the same time under the entanglement of bluegrass and smashed the crystal bear's head.However, at present, although the Terran has Zen Temple ancestors, can these ancestors reach such a state? Nobody knows."Our sincerity has been demonstrated. It's your turn." A hoarse voice sounded.

So, the first soul ring at the foot of Xie Xie lit up the next moment when the other party released the green shadow stack. A golden light blade cut out horizontally.The rest of the Ziyun mountain strong, the valley of the strong is also a face of insidious smile at the moment, to make moves together, one is one, because they all suffered a big loss in Ye Chong's hand, since there is an opportunity, it is natural to retaliate.

Excited emotions actually burst out from the metal, and the surface of the star silver was bright with stars, and faintly, there was even a faint dragon pattern in which the stars converged."This road is really not easy to walk, but it must be taken. The Terran must rise in this world. All the people in the sky have made a lot of preparations for this world. The end of the era, the time of becoming an immortal, the golden age, etc. It is not just a joke. If you don't take the strongest road, you are destined to become a cup of loess on the road." Leaf weight look dignified said.