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  Yuan En Yehui's eyes narrowed slightly and said, "At least a whole set can be made. I think it is possible if the eight of us go all out.""Do you think my temper is really good because I didn't step on a few people to teach you a lesson about rising?" The rhinoceros fell to the ground from mid-air. It held its head high and stared at the place ahead, and its eyes shone brightly.The opening and ending of Chengxian Road may not be as perfect as the legend, but there may be some changes.Tang Wulin blushed. "Don't talk nonsense about meeting a senior."

  He's not going to fly there like this. There are troops stationed in the fire basin, so it's not good if there is any misunderstanding.debulu新入口Speaking of which, Tang Wulin paused, "itself is not so strong, so, he released the skeleton nature is likely to be flawed in defense. I took advantage of this to attack, and sure enough, I destroyed it after interrupting the input of demons. After we rushed out, there was no pursuer, which should confirm my guess. The enemy hidden in the dark is really not so powerful. Outside the factory, he may not be our opponent. ""The so-called thousand forging is by no means as simple as forging a thousand times with a hammer. But through constant forging, all impurities in the metal will be removed and its density will be increased. At the same time, the biggest special effect of thousand forging is sublimation. Only in the process of forging metal can it produce sublimation special effects, which is the real thousand forging. "


Tang Wulin nodded and said, "That would be great. Gu Yue is in charge of the design. Please tell her your own requirements first. Our fighting armor is made step by step, starting from the forearm armor of the right hand. I will refine the metal for everyone as soon as possible, and the 95% fusion degree is very lucky. The situation that will happen may not necessarily happen, but I at least guarantee that the alloy we use is more than 90% fusion degree. "Tantiandao: "Our martial spirit will mutate under some special circumstances. For example, such a situation may occur when a soul or soul ring that is particularly compatible or incompatible is combined, or when stimulated by some external factors. There are also people whose martial souls will mutate when they are born or awake. "

All the top leaders of the emperor were startled, and the emperor Pubing looked even more changed. Obviously, it was unexpected that the emperor Puzhan would say such a thing.There are a lot of gold threads in this small stone, including 70 or 80, which are likely to be the level of Wushu or even the level of Xuan."This is a fucking madman!" The pneumatic disciple's eyes quivered slightly, gnashing his teeth and scolded, "No matter, he dares to come and fight!" Be sure to stun him this time! "

Xie Xie stayed for a while. Why does this voice sound so horrible?"There are many delicious things in the sea, such as sweet sea urchins and Poseidon, which are delicious and influential. Bluefin tuna is also good, well, there are big eels, and the meat is the most sweet. For crabs, I suggest you eat Golden Haired Crab, which is more delicious and tender than the king crab. As for lobster, I think it's better to have the East China Sea lobster in our East China Sea City. Although the price is a little more expensive, the meat is much tender. The Tianhai lobster here is more elastic in meat quality, but it is less nutritious and hard to chew. " Tang Wulin charting said.

In this big pit, there is a dark cave, which is as ferocious as the mouth of a man-eating beast.As she spoke, the spiritual halo of the young popsicle had come like a storm, and rolled up to the five of them at the same time. Gu Yue was the one who absorbed the most, and then Tang Wulin stood in front.