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  Tang Wulin light with a sigh, but firmly shook his head, "teacher, you're right, I'm really greedy, can't, from poor. However, I really can't have this piece of star silver, not because I'm embarrassed. I've never been embarrassed with you. Because I am a forger! "Fang Ziqi said, "Teacher Yang is a hero with indomitable spirit, and it is people like you that Fang admires most in his life. If it weren't for the difference in sects, Fang would like to be your brother, and share weal and woe from now on! ""Brother Su Xuan." Ye Yihao looked ugly and looked back at Su Xuan.Is anxious, the body seems to be faint movement, the next moment, the black book suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai, snapped to the ground.

  The holy spirit fights? This title sounds very domineering!9uu有你足矣矣However, everyone reacted quickly, and the liu er demon emperor didn't want to kill Ye Chong. But this war is too important for him. If you can kill your opponent together, then he will leave a huge shadow in his heart. From then on, he will not say that even if he wants to practice, he may encounter problems.Gradually, Xie Xie showed a smile on his face, because he had already thought of it, and Tang Wulin's soul force was only ten levels.


"It's a little late, the city gate has been completely closed, completely sealed, and we can't leave." Leaf weight shook his head, look dull said. When this statement came out, the God Prince and others all changed color."turn!" Gu Yue jiao drink, waving his hands, three soul rings shining at the same time, a circle of blue tornado directly enveloped him and Tang Wulin, two people standing in the eye, the wind blew out, with sand. Expanding outward quickly. Just like the day she dealt with Wusiduo.

"I don't know what the dance teacher wants from you." Xie Xie leaned in and said.Tang Wulin said, "Don't you know what a gift is?"Suddenly, Tang Wulin's eyes lit up and he saw a familiar figure. Maybe I felt his eyes, or maybe it was luck that the man turned around and just saw him.

The tornado flows intermittently in an instant, and the four attributes impact on the frost chop under the increase of frost and ice language, and disappear rapidly, while the frost chop just fades gradually.Six hundred meters away from the left front, a huge figure with reddish brown hair is constantly moving at high speed, and the moving trajectory seems to be centered on him and Gu Yue.

Ye Chongdao: "The effect of the elixir of heaven is comparable to the elixir of life. Now it is obvious that someone has made a move within the fairy light of the flying fairy. This matter is still brewing. I don't know what the final outcome will be." Maybe the whole bridge will be in chaos. "Mecha practice class has a special venue, located in the southwest corner of Shrek College, which is the mecha trial site.