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  At this point, the trial practice of the Holy Market has reached the end. Those who don't have the courage to set foot on the battlefield, to a certain extent, have lost the qualification to continue the trial practice.This girl is so violent that even Yue Long takes a breath.With the deepening of the ruins, everything we see is more open, but strangely enough, there are no buildings in this area, even the rubble is gone, only the sand grains in one place can be seen, which are all with some faint gold and look like nothing grows.Bai qi hands rested on her hips, "who saved with you. I was showing the enemy to be weak, looking for opportunities to directly defeat its energy core with spirit. The energy of this iron-headed dragon is very helpful to enhance physical fitness, you pay me! "

  Ye Xinglan, as usual, strides in the direction of Su Mu.538prom任你爽最近播放"good!" Tang Wulin nodded to Kirara Tulip.And this woman's appearance and that piece of skin are really the same, there is no difference between them, even a wisp of hair is the same.


Star Excalibur stabbed in his hand, and dozens of sword mans appeared again.Tang Wulin smiled, "yes! Just us. The desert is beautiful, but unfortunately it is not suitable for long-term survival. "

Everything is for a reason, because at the moment, at the entrance of the cave, a figure reappeared, and his appearance prevented all these changes, which made the crack of Chengxian Road torn again.I don't know why, when this skeleton was buried, Tang Wulin only felt that the sad breath on it once became a lot less. Even the energy fluctuation on the keel has weakened a lot.Soon, vines grew out again, covering these bodies again and no longer appearing, just like when opening their mouths.

"If so, what are you going to do?" Shi Xiaoxian's reaction is quick. She is very familiar with Ye Chong's means and knows that she mostly has any plans.Soon, the cracks in the space that are about to crack are forcibly gathered together by some rules, but Ye Chong clearly sees some figures and has already begun to prepare for arrival. There are demons, demons, corpses, etc. Obviously, these races have been waiting for this moment for too long.

"pa!" Mu Ye slapped Tang Wulin on the chest, which immediately made his whole body bounce out of bed. A series of slaps sounded, only a few breaths, and Mu Ye's hands were on Tang Wulin and continuous shooting dozens of times.Why? Why on earth is this?