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  "Ten million!" However, the voice of box 6 is more determined."Stop!" The referee shouted, flew up, hugged Tang Wulin, and a white light lit up on his hand, patting him on Tang Wulin to stop him from spraying blood on the blasted wounds.Ye Zhong walked around with a glass of wine in his hand. The fighters present were serious, and he saw eagerness and expectation, but also cruel and diabolical. Obviously, every fighter has a different idea. It is hard to say what direction it will eventually develop and what results it will lead to."Thank you ... for not ... not killing, young Xia." After waiting for a long time, the voice recovered a little and thanked him trembling.

  "I'll recover. Don't bother me." Yang Kai stepped aside, sat cross-legged, and regained his strength.sis论坛最新地址After that day, he really became the giant of Shrek College, and with his own efforts, Shrek City and Shrek College became the existence that attracted much attention but even the Federation had to avoid.After so many days of mecha warfare, Tang Wulin's combat experience is much richer than before. At the critical moment, he will never be soft.


In the dead of night, Tang Wulin and Naer's door quietly opened, and Tang Ziran came in. He came to his son's bed and sat down, and pulled out the medicine bottle that Yong Tian gave to Lang Yue from his arms. Then pull up his son's sleeve and prepare to apply medicine to him."Didn't you let Shrek hand me over? Now I'm here. Who will receive me? "

The manufacturing of fighting armor must be done in one go, and the core array of design should be engraved on it, and the dross should be removed, and the essence should be condensed, so that the alloy and the core array can be completely integrated."Your grandpa ..." Cold mans flashed in Yang Kai's eyes, and he remembered Long Zaitian's unreasonable blow. If it weren't for his pride and golden body, he would have died."One day, I will be able to beat. Wait and see if you don't believe me! Brother has now understood the true meaning of the sensitive attack system! "

You know, Yinjiao clan was strong before his death, and the strong corpse clan after his death is absolutely not weak. It can be said that it exists strongly among the juvenile supreme corpse clan in this life. Even she is scared to change color at the moment, and she has to step back quickly, which is enough to show a big problem.Black swan! This is the martial spirit of Mo Jue.

The ice bear's whole body generate emits a layer of ice blue light, the injured right paw is hidden inside the body, and the whole body generate emits harsh blue light, which is like turning into a huge ice hockey and flying straight to Tang Wulin.Sword star rain becomes more intense under the increase of the fighting armor. There are little stars blooming on the three fighting armor, and the bright breath is much stronger than before.