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  Ye Xinglan cold hum 1, "I will truthfully report this matter. You'd better get everything done before sending an investigation team, otherwise, you know the consequences. "In this big pit, there is a dark cave, which is as ferocious as the mouth of a man-eating beast.At this time, Cai Yueer has changed back to the appearance of doddering, without the original stunning.Unfortunately, I can't leave the Blood God Corps, otherwise I really want to ask Sima Jinchi, the demon of the storm knife, and at the same time personally feel how powerful the breath of this dragon-cutting knife is.

  The only pity is that now his soul force and blood are not on the same level. Once the soul nucleus is formed, Tang Wulin believes that the integration of these two cores will inevitably produce more intense chemical changes.heyzo无码Yang Kai grinned. He was really worried that Yu Chengkun wouldn't jump down with himself. If he didn't have the courage, he would have made a scene in vain. Seeing that he also jumped off the cliff, I couldn't help but be determined!Dancer Changkong, who has always been calm, suddenly changed his face when he heard this sentence. He lost his voice and said, "Give them the title of Shrek Seven Monsters? But, according to the rules, not only the inner court disciple ... "


Sima Lanxiao's voice was full of bewitch. At his proposal, the number of people on the dance floor finally increased."Maple old, our college has taught driving? I want to learn to drive. " Tang Wulin said to maple without feathers.

The shattered old devil stood in front of the crystal ball and said, "Gee!" "Cruel, you are really cruel. Didn't we agree to be lighter? Why are you so cruel as soon as you come up? What if they can't bear to collapse? Then we don't have to play? "Sure enough, the old man sink a track: "In order to ensure the fairness and justice in the final stage, besides the system judgment, I will be the referee of this game. Both sides are ready for the game. After I announce the start, we can attack. There are no rules and restrictions, with the goal of defeating opponents. "There are also some peak emperors whose breath is like eternal ice, which makes people feel cold and uncomfortable, almost frozen.

Gu Yue smiled and said, "You dance well, too."After many creatures came here, they stopped helplessly, because at least they needed the holy king's fighting power to enter this ancient land.

Others have no interest in betting on such a thing. Yuan Yehui knows Tang Wulin without Xie Xie, but she knows Xie Xie.However, this scene is completely normal. Ye Chong uses the immortal golden body to fuel Poseidon's armor, which is doomed to be the end of the sweep. Don't say that these ordinary strong men, even if they come to a statue of a peerless male Lord, will be torn apart, unless he holds a magic weapon.