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  Tang Wulin's words were polite, but his refusal was firm.Many powerful people who have old grievances with Ye Chong are holding their noses one by one at the moment, which is very shuffle when couples spend. If this leaf weight ran away quietly, who would deliberately inquire about this matter? But it happened that Ye Redo made the gesture that when I was about to leave, there would be no chance to come after you left me alone, which made many forces have to come, but after coming, they were even more afraid of him.I looked at Yang Kai with some admiration: "You think so far."Tang Wulin took the lead in running to the left without hesitation. They just killed a spirit beast, and they dare not stay here for long.

  As he stepped on his body, the whole ground suddenly flashed slightly, flying directly, forming a translucent huge platform, holding Ye Chong and Zang Ruxue directly toward the sky.k频道永AVWhen Xuan Ziwen thought of this, he looked up and shouted, "Yuhao, tell me the truth, how did you do it ..." Just speaking of this, he discovered that there was no one in the laboratory for a long time."Needless to explain, you come to the inner court. I'll wait for you at the door. Meet and say. " Say that finish this sentence, dance the sky hangs up the phone.


The next day, Yang Kai was awakened by a knock at the door.Fortunately, Ye Zhong soon determined from the duke of Pancheng through some channels. Since ancient times, the road to seeing immortals has been the same, and it is necessary to mix gods as sacrifices to open the road to seeing immortals.

At this time, even Mu Ye, who is at the level of fighting for titles, wants to rescue again, which is too late. How come... This is not right! Completely out of line with Tang Wulin's strength. Even if he is no match for the spirit beast in ten thousand, he should not be on the verge of death without any struggle.Purple clothes man with a wry smile, "dare not entertain wild hope. Come with me, and I'll take you to get the exotic velvet chrysanthemum first. "You know, Yinjiao clan was strong before his death, and the strong corpse clan after his death is absolutely not weak. It can be said that it exists strongly among the juvenile supreme corpse clan in this life. Even she is scared to change color at the moment, and she has to step back quickly, which is enough to show a big problem.

Su Mu with a group of people, hiding anything in the not far away, originally see Li Yuntian and Yang Kai connected words are exulting in my heart, only ready to stare big eyes to watch the drama, but I didn't expect Li Yuntian to run away in a hurry after a while, this scene made Su Mu confused."Ahem! Jin Xi, when did you become like a dissatisfied housewife? " Zhang Yangzi raised his hand and slapped Wang Jinxi on the shoulder.

He leng leng, but soon understand the meaning of her husband's words, "that dance' he ..."Even finished, a new month, a monthly ticket!