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  "Nice place." Yang Kaiwang looked at the crowds coming and going in the trade market and looked a little excited.In this seemingly small vortex, the soul force is very strong, completely turned into liquid, and the soft soul force vortex and the blood force are perfectly integrated, so it rotates quietly.Kirara tulip proudly said, "I have been practicing for more than 198,000 years, which is very close to the realm of 200,000 years. Once it is turned into a soul ring, it will inevitably be the level of 200,000 years, and it should be an orange soul. "He just stood there quietly, he knew the method of spiritual forging, and Mu Chen had taught it to him long ago, but he never tried it once, because his soul force was not enough.

  But now it's different. Wusiduo may be able to break through the nether white tiger, but the situation has been controlled by Gu Yue. Her nether white tiger's consumption of itself is huge, and it is impossible to last. When it becomes a war of attrition, the suspense of winning or losing is gradually reduced.caoporn分类Yang Nianxia shrugged his shoulders and said, "Whatever. I will go back to my seat first. "Sima Jinchi's face turned livid.


Xie Xie and Le Zhengyu have put on their battle armor at this time. After simple pranayama, they both bounced up at the same time.Tang Wulin's eyes were fixed. After thinking for a moment, he said, "I can't give you an accurate answer to this question yet, but what I can say is that if one day, I will try my best to restore nature. At that time, I will decide how to borrow the ability of the two eyes of ice and fire. At the same time, as a disciple of Tangmen, I will always abide by the promise between the two eyes of ice and fire, and I will never make excessive use of the power of the two eyes of ice and fire. "

Sixth Ring Road! Soul emperor!Obviously, this place is not as dangerous as imagined, but countless times more dangerous than imagined. If he approaches rashly, he will die and lose everything if he is not careful."Who wants to take the Level 3 exam, which can surprise you so much?" Mu Chen asked with a smile.

According to the Accord, Ye Zhong stared at the lower part indifferently. At the moment, many people's topics turned to themselves, but this did not make him have the slightest change in look, but a bit of coldness emerged in his eyes.Tang Wulin flapped his wings and followed.

It was Yali who asked them to call it that, not corona.Suddenly, Tang Wulin's golden light was shining, his breath rose like a geometric multiple, his golden light flashed, and the dragon pattern on the surface of the golden dragon gun in his hand even emerged as a looming golden dragon.