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  If it weren't for the things in the wooden coffin, how could you plan your life just to start with it if you won the King of Hook and the King of Hou Qing?The spiral lines on the hammer handle extend downward, and the end is spherical and narrows downward until it becomes a sharp tail.The thousand forging in front of him is undoubtedly a very important test for him. Through the previous observation of Tang Wulin, Yong Tian believes that it is possible for him to complete it, especially after the strength growth, physical factors are not enough to bother him to complete it.Kirara tulip said, "Lord, our task has been completed, and the noumenon is integrated into nature. Our soul can't leave for too long, and it will be integrated into your body. Help yourselves later, Lord. "

  And Yu Yin is a black line on his face. You know, he is a man who has experienced many bloody battles, and he is quite severe among the practitioners, but now he has been so molested.abd影院"What the hell is going on?" Leaf weight is very curious, what is all this, how can a lonely family have such a distraction.Tang Wulin had to stop, "The second generation of blood."


Originally, his concept of soul guide was not too strong, but since Shrek College was destroyed by the custom-made soul guide shells, he finally understood why the soul beast was extinct in pain. Human soul guide weapons have really reached a rather horrible level, and manpower is sometimes exhausted, and the sustainable development of weapons can even destroy the planet.However, this refers to the human body itself to use. Ghost tracking is famous for its ever-changing, which is extremely complicated in itself. Use mecha to control, only the top mecha division can complete some simple actions. Because people can complete actions, many of which are impossible for the mecha, such as some body twists.

"ah!" Tang Wulin finally let out a scream. He wanted to scratch, but his body couldn't move at all, and his spirit was particularly clear. He could feel the inhuman pain. This feeling is too strong.Finally, with a fairly good result, Tang Wulin's sadness in his heart was much more relaxed.Speaking of which, Tang Wulin paused, "itself is not so strong, so, he released the skeleton nature is likely to be flawed in defense. I took advantage of this to attack, and sure enough, I destroyed it after interrupting the input of demons. After we rushed out, there was no pursuer, which should confirm my guess. The enemy hidden in the dark is really not so powerful. Outside the factory, he may not be our opponent. "

Ye Zhi and Hualantang have different concerns, but her eyes fell upon Gu Yue. Compared with the understanding of Tang Wulin, and even the understanding of other Shrek college students, this girl standing side by side with Tang Wulin is almost blank to them.Hurriedly stretched out his hand and took it out into his arms, and then a vertical body, before the arrival of the second stone carving, jumped out of the pit.

Tang Wulin ha ha a smile, "there are more people than me.""Do you remember Shrek's school motto clearly?"