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  Tang Wulin eyes a change, originally surrounded by blue silver grass vines around the crowd instantly, into a semicircle net, covering all the people. At the next moment, a deep thunder suddenly sounded, and a flash of lightning bombarded his big net formed by bluegrass almost instantly."How did this happen?" Tweety froze.Xu Lizhi sighed: "I am ashamed to see that you are all so busy. I will study hard. Anyway, one mecha can take two people, so it doesn't matter if you don't learn. "Yang Kai got out of bed quickly.

  Suo suo, Tang Wulin took a sip of the water bottle from his backpack.wilbox可用Xu Lizhi smiled, "OK.""It would be best if it was him." Yang Kai couldn't help itching. Before Wu Chengyi sent himself a teacher younger brother to kill him, Yang Kai still kept it in mind. This account will be calculated sooner or later. What's more, Wu Chengyi probably has the baby of Ryukyu Inflammatory Liquid.


Many spirit of war divisions of the Min Attack Department subconsciously judge their own speed. How do they compare with Xie Xie? They quickly judged that there must be no Xie Xie.Tang Wulin still remembers that it was morning when he began to blend souls. Has it been so long?

Clouds of dazzling light and swordsmanship broke out in the position where the two men were located, and they shot around.The soul works peacefully, and at this time, others have also been practicing in concentration. And behind Tang Wulin, the golden lines extending from the cervical vertebra to the caudal vertebra reappeared.Many ancient creatures are growling at this moment, and their voices contain crazy flavor, as if they were about to witness something appear.

When they returned to their room, South Qiu Qiu had already been waiting in front of them under the guidance of Xu Sanshi, who had gone ahead.The third soul skill, King Kong Titan. The horror soul skill that can instantly make her all attributes surge, with this soul skill, the Titan Great Ape Wu Soul is really strong.

A hand, also did not see it how to put on airs, a bright light suddenly and violently shot out, straight to Yue Long.In the last contest between grade one and grade two, it was a tragedy that Ye Xingmo was suppressed by Ye Xinglan, but it didn't mean that he was not strong, just because his martial spirit was suppressed too much by Ye Xinglan. The Dead Night is the master soul master of the Fourth Ring Road in Class 1, Grade 2. It was the first time to achieve the cultivation of the fourth ring road. At that time, even the original grace was still the third ring road.