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  "Such a talisman, although used a limited number of times, is an absolute sacred object, which can save lives and make itself born with nine deaths. It is simply incredible!"There was a silence when I heard about the existence of the two saints. After a while, the saints in white robes nodded slightly and said, "Since you want to make amends to my emperor, then the two of us won't blame you young people. After all, this place has not been born for many years, and you think it is too much to be a dusty place."I don't know why, when this skeleton was buried, Tang Wulin only felt that the sad breath on it once became a lot less. Even the energy fluctuation on the keel has weakened a lot.Since ancient times, even the Emperor of Heaven may not be able to live forever. All the emperors of the past dynasties are looking for the immortal road, trying to fight the immortal road, enter the immortal domain and become the supreme immortal.

  But at the moment, Ling Fengyun must protect Ye Chong, and he has to consider a possibility, that is, how to resist the blow of the holy emperor, and Yuzryha will never die.a片两男一女直播With the support of this pride, Tang Wulin's forging state today is surprisingly good. The success rate of melting and forging is very high. Until nightfall, when he was exhausted, he succeeded in forging eight spiritual alloys, among which, there was a spiritual gold with 93% fusion degree, and Gu Yue's first spiritual metal for fighting armor was completed.And in the farther place, a statue of XianBing figure appeared, they are all bright silver armor, at the moment one by one eyes light indifference, step out in the void, approaching towards this direction.


Affectionate Douro hurriedly dozen circle field, said: "children, you don't know the meaning of an orange-gold soul ring, which will sublimate you as a whole, and it is far from being replaced by a soul skill just to bring you physical benefits." Apologize to Brother Luo. "Around the strong are speechless at this moment, especially those male disciples feel Ye Chong is too shameless to pretend to be the son.

"Boom-"The magic rhinoceros landed on its right forelimb, and a circle of harsh yellow light instantly burst outward. The power of terror fully spread out to a diameter of 50 meters before it gradually stopped. Almost to Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan's position.When enemies meet at the moment, nature is particularly jealous.That horrible colossus is also stepping out at the moment, rampaging towards the front, madly hitting the front, which is also a terrorist force.

While talking, Yu Xiuping suddenly said, "That boy is coming after us. You ... really don't want to avoid it, but remember, don't lose your temper with him.""Have you suffered a lot?" Dream shopkeeper would make poor Yang Kai. Yang Kai was fine when he left here a few days ago. I didn't expect to make this virtue just after a trip to black wind mountain. This person is not ghosts and ghosts. It is simply tragic.

There was a flash of light, and the light at his side was infighting. Luo Long and jathyapple suddenly took off, and this one finally couldn't stand it.Chapter 50 Dumping a corpse