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  When you step into it, you can feel that the space here is stable, and there are runes flowing faintly, sealing all directions. If you are close, it will probably trigger the hidden layout here."What shall we do? Do you want to try whether you can enter the fairy light and find out the truth? " Ye chongdao.As long as there are people, it will be easy. As for the rhetoric, Tang Wulin had already thought it over between his thoughts.Xie Xie looked up at the turbid world. "grandmaster, are we completely passed the examination now?"

  Tang Wulin smiled and said, "Are you so sure that we will lose?"37pao众乐乐Of course, if there is an era like the Terran Five-Party Heaven Emperor, and the Heaven Emperor comes out one after another, once they need the flood of life, there is nothing they can do, only to fight, only to fight World War I, because they can't avoid it.Gu Yue silently walked beside Tang Wulin and said lightly, "What's the big deal about beating an arrogant guy?". Let's go. "


Ye Zhong murmured, because on the jade operator, the ancient rune that emerged at the moment was a bloody fairy word, which was written in blood, without the slightest breath of dust, and more was a kind of murder similar to magic gas."This place was originally used to cultivate and understand our family, but it is no longer suitable for long-term here because of the changes in that year, but it is still beneficial to come once in a while." Feather corpse girl way.

Count on others? Don't even think about it, everyone has enemies to deal with, even Yang Kai! Once these two fifth-order monsters are bitten, I'm afraid they will be seriously injured if they don't die."This means is a bit too harsh. This guy didn't believe it before he died. His forbidden Lord would actually shoot him." Wheels hey hey smiled.Stone emperor couldn't help but roar, struggling to fight toward the front. He believed that he was the first in ancient and modern times and unparalleled in the world. Even if he met a real Taoist, he wouldn't be afraid. How could he be afraid of a mere supreme quasi-emperor who was suspected of having preached Taoism?

Tang Ziran primly said, "Your martial spirit is bluegrass. Although there is a story about the founder of the Tang clan in legend, as the most common martial spirit, bluegrass will be very difficult to cultivate, and you will encounter many difficulties. Do you really want to go on this road?"Shi Xiaoxian and Bu Shi Shi sighed at the same time. They know something about Ye Chong's temper, and I'm afraid many people will be out of luck this time.

These three 12-level customized soul-guided artillery shells were born two thousand years ago, and after their birth, the whole human science and technology has been stagnant for thousands of years, because the resources they consumed at the beginning were too huge.In the end, this group of saints and bodhi old zu decided to conquer the eastern wilderness and the northern region before talking about other things, because according to the records of the divine knowledge of the supreme heaven. This area is the most barren, but it has the most treasures. If you conquer this area first, you will never suffer.