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  Tang Wulin's mentality adjustment is very good. He doesn't compare with these perverts, but only compares with himself. As long as his progress speed keeps improving, he is very satisfied."Manager Guo, can you tell me something about the Soul Fighting Hall in detail?" Tang Wulin asked.After being demoted as a trial disciple a few months ago, Yang Kai took a job of sweeping the floor in Zongmen to make a living.Nightmare demon? Why does he call himself the devil when he is obviously a human being?

  It is impossible to have good luck every time, and to meet the soul beast that has just been restrained. So, what about this? The twelfth level, what is the spirit beast they will face?99re久高清在线观看视频Counting the number of people, Hei Yi sink a track: "All right, let's dissolve for the time being and solve our own internal problems. Depart in the afternoon. "He soothed ten members of the law enforcement team who were beheaded. At the moment, even the blood clan strong who soothed him was constantly losing money. In addition, two groups of people who had been beheaded by Ye Zhong before, the forbidden Xuan has lost a lot of manpower at the moment, and the semi-holy-level strong among these blood clan strong people were originally forbidden to take away. But I didn't expect to lose so much at the moment.


"I am Class Zero, Grade One, Donghai University, Tang Wulin." Tang Wulin also introduced himself.Yang Kai's face sank and he ignored him.

And the first world war, from now on, also laid the detached identity of Ye Chong's contemporary invincible, even the so-called ancient freak, when he met, he wouldn't have any sense of pride, but he should be treated as a comparable existence.Yang Kai shook his head and didn't answer, not to mention disturbing, but still looked at Sumu: "Teacher younger brother, I think you are also a courageous person, but why do you hesitate to do justice for heaven and benefit the village today? What's more, there is a brother who will accompany you. What are you afraid of? "2089. advance and retreat

However, in front of the BM-level soul mentor group, their proud huge bodies can only be fragmented under heavy artillery bombardment. Can't rush to the crowd. Moreover, because of their huge size, they are also particularly taken care of by fire. In the fierce roar, there is constant hatred falling.Monk Long said, "This is Mu Xi, who was selected by the Forgers Association to join our class. Mu Xi is seventeen years old. He is an excellent forger of the Forgers' Association and has reached the level of a four-level forging master. Within a year at the latest, it will begin to impact the forging. Our class is short of forging talents. I hope everyone can have a good relationship with her. "

After all, they also clearly saw that Tang Wulin's body had been trampled and collapsed, and there was so much blood on the ground.It was three days before Tang Wulin got the news that everyone was here, and the delegation from Star Luo Dalu would leave for Star Luo Dalu.