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  Chapter seventy-nine Light dragon Bi and Jin LinWhat the strong crave most is that everyone around them is stronger than themselves. Only in this way, the sense of oppression will become a sense of urgency, making him work harder and harder on the road of pursuing strength. This is true for Lin San. Xie Xie becomes stronger and he will only be happy.The shattered old devil stood in front of the crystal ball and said, "Gee!" "Cruel, you are really cruel. Didn't we agree to be lighter? Why are you so cruel as soon as you come up? What if they can't bear to collapse? Then we don't have to play? "Tang Wulin thought for a moment and said, "The soul should fit in with itself as well as possible. Luck plays a big role. I wish you success. "

  "It is the patron saint of my Terran to be able to stop a peerless demon who is expected to prove the Tao!" A strong Terran said this.lutude在线"Ah, the best beauty in the world is so sharp-tongued? If there is an opportunity, I'd like to see if your means are as powerful as your mouth. " Leaf heavy smile, seems to be very serious.Xu Xiaoyan squatted on the ground and carefully bandaged the wound on an injured person's arm. She said softly, "It's okay, you're okay, but the bone in your arm is broken. I helped you fix it. Don't move, just lie quietly. I'll take you to the hospital when the rescuers arrive."


Not long ago, these creatures of the resin clan were still taunting Ye Chong, thinking that he didn't know little and was not qualified to compete with Feng Lei, but now they had such a result."It would be best if it was him." Yang Kai couldn't help itching. Before Wu Chengyi sent himself a teacher younger brother to kill him, Yang Kai still kept it in mind. This account will be calculated sooner or later. What's more, Wu Chengyi probably has the baby of Ryukyu Inflammatory Liquid.

Yang Kai was silent, walked to Sumu with a cold face, stretched out his hand to test his snorting, and found that Sumu was just in a coma, which made him feel relieved.But at this moment, a purple-black light flashed instantly.A few statues of the half-step supreme emperor looked at each other, and they couldn't think of such a change, but they didn't mention it. Instead, they directly killed the past and rushed after them.

And this kind of feeling can only be detected in this place where Dreadwind Shaozun is located. He had all kinds of preparations before, and finally chose this place for a reason.His opponent, who controls a remote mecha, is different from the remote mecha who used the soul-guided gun before. The weapon of this remote mecha is two huge boomerangs.

"There are no other spirits in this forest. It's not because of these two, is it?" Xu Xiaoyan said.Sitting in the war zone, Dai Yueyan looked at Xie Xie on the competition platform and nodded secretly. Facing Lin San's wind dragon blade, he was able to improve his momentum so steadily and try his last desperate fight. If nothing else, this courage alone is worthy of being a student of Shrek College.