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  Ghost turtle, a very rare soul beast, only lives in the darkest and coldest places, absorbing Yin qi for a living. The growth of the ghost turtle is very slow. When it was born, it was less than one inch long, and it only grew one inch every thousand years. That is to say, the ghost turtle in this middle-aged man's hand has been cultivated for ten thousand years."I'll do it next." Beautiful Ren Huang SiKongJia look calm, he walked out, directly fell on the platform, staring at the opposite place.Behind him, there are more than a dozen strong men with different realms, ranging from the small boundary of the holy emperor to the peak of the holy emperor, in order to test and see what realm people can enter the holy market from this space rift.Being able to jump so high without the support of soul force is completely physical quality!

  He was very satisfied with the course of the game just now, but he didn't feel any pride because of it. Others don't know this game, but he knows it very well, and it is easier to win. In the final analysis, it is still the suppression of Hualantang by his own blood. Otherwise, a five-ring soul king level strong and where is so easy to deal with? (To be continued. )日本AV三区Her spirit reached what level even Tang Wulin all don't know, those fireballs like eyes, constantly blooming.The orange eyes narrowed slightly, looked up out of the window and murmured, "I hate war, I hate war." But I want to avenge my father. Stepping on the stars is the meaning of my survival. " Speaking of which, her eyes, which were originally gentle as water, suddenly filled with indifference, just like wearing glasses, which covered her true nature.


These two pieces of armor are obviously formed by the blending of budo and rune, with dense traces of avenues and original runes circulating. Put on this armor, the strength of both sides is soaring in an instant, infinitely close to the saint.However, at the same time of shock, the beautiful eyes of Dragon Rain and Snow flowed, and the eyes of Tang Wulin also changed. He was so impulsive because he was anxious about my safety!

The tornado flows intermittently in an instant, and the four attributes impact on the frost chop under the increase of frost and ice language, and disappear rapidly, while the frost chop just fades gradually."Please sit down as soon as possible, don't block the corridor. Put the things here inside again, otherwise it will easily fall and hurt people later. "A strange scene happened. In front of Ye Chong, there was a mundane world, while behind him was an endless decadent void. With his steps, the sky, the earth, the wind, and even the three or five bamboo plants were directly turned into nothingness and lost in the years.

"Ye Zhong inexplicably came to the ancient demon forest, mostly because he got the map that Terran intercepted from our corpse clan. Otherwise, what did he do in this ancient demon forest?"Although I don't care about Naer's strength in my mind, I saw Naer's four soul rings and extremely fast marksmanship that day, which still inspired Tang Wulin's inner cultivation fanaticism. I worked hard these days, except for seeing Naer for a while every day. Almost all of him were immersed in cultivation. Whether it is soul power to improve speed or combat effectiveness, it is growing rapidly.

First pull it up in the air, and then the control system naturally keeps the plane level. They are lucky, and they are heading in the direction of the islands.Dai Yueyan listened to her here, but couldn't help covering her face with her hands and couldn't bear to look straight. "Little sister, you are a princess! How can you be so rude? "