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  Ye zhong looked at this scene, even in terms of his mind, there was a shock in his heart at the moment.That is a tall woman. The whole body is covered with a layer of dark purple scales, with wings behind it and bone claws at the top of the wings. Eyes, flashing deep black light."Do you think my temper is really good because I didn't step on a few people to teach you a lesson about rising?" The rhinoceros fell to the ground from mid-air. It held its head high and stared at the place ahead, and its eyes shone brightly.Tang Wulin, Gu Yue, Xu Xiaoyan three people stand together, at this time, three people face some strange.

  As they walked, Long Yuyu continued: "The garrison here is rotated once a month. Our legion has a total of ten regiments, each with a strength of about 1,500 people. This is the main battle force. Like our Secret Service, it is an auxiliary combat force, not one of them. The rest are logistics personnel and researchers, totaling about 10 thousand people. The total number has been between 25 thousand and 30 thousand. A recruit like you, if you join the main battle, is also a reserve. "kitty磁力引擎Tang Wulin said, "Do you know that there is a soul tower at the headquarters of the Soul Tower?"Ye Chong realized the heaviness of these six words at this moment. As the commander of Tianxian Academy, he must protect the whole Terran. Although there may be some scum in the top of Tianxian Academy, in general, the top of these Tianxian Academy can work hard for the Terran and die.


Who can come to this star field without preparing various means? At the moment, all of them are crossing the void and fleeing at an unimaginable speed.How is that possible? I just saw that it hasn't come yet!

They are now on the taxiway, which is not a real runway. It is only more than 300 meters away from the runway in front, and on the other side of the runway is a piece of grass, or a road slip zone. It is fairly flat, but it is not a hard ground.I don't know why, when this skeleton was buried, Tang Wulin only felt that the sad breath on it once became a lot less. Even the energy fluctuation on the keel has weakened a lot.Along the way, according to the news he got before, he has killed ten Xuanyunzong disciples. Some Xuanyunzong kill array, who had already been decorated, didn't even have a chance to start at the moment, so he was broken by Ye Chong.

Under such a background, we have to try our best to improve our combat capability and cope with the possible war, otherwise, it will be difficult for us to survive."I don't need you to pay the bill." The original grace night glow said coldly.

Laughter and laughter continued in the lobby. Some people openly molested the girl in their arms, some people kissed passionately, and some people reached into the girl's clothes, groping wildly, gasping, charming voices and slapstick.Criticism is only two words, but all three people have a fever on their faces. They are all smart people, of course, they understand what Dancing Sky means.