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  Even that staff member is no exception!But this can't blame him. After all, the conditions of his birth are too good, and the mastery of the Emperor's Classics is the first emperor's Classics of the inferno through the ages. With a comfortable road, how can he study hard like other invincible people?"Ding-dong." The doorbell rings."Ten, nine, eight, seven ..."

  Centennial Soul Ring naturally has Centennial Soul Ring Technology, and its power is unknown.AV片动漫无码The bronze bird didn't deliberately do anything, but a look fell on this group of strong resin family, which made these strong resin family seem to feel that a statue of emperor was running amok all over the world.However, in front of Huo Yuhao, who controls the audience with mental detection, how could he give Zhong Liwu such an opportunity when he has the best advantage?


The internal twists and turns of the branches are natural labyrinths. In addition, the aura of this place is scary, which can be said to be very mysterious. There is still a little bit of immortal material spreading inside. If the ordinary holy emperor walks here, he will surely be tempted to refine those immortal materials.However, Yu Xiuping's words obviously aroused the enthusiasm of these people, and several people were not busy recovering. All of them were silent and went to the Shimen together.

LanMuZi nodded, "yes, is about to start, is the most exciting moment of previous Poseidon dating conference, the fourth link, be predestined friends. The final outcome, in this link will determine at least more than seventy percent. So, I want to remind you Poseidon fairies that you should choose carefully, because once you choose, you can't change it. So, see clearly your own hearts and don't do things that you will regret in the future. "If you want to convince your opponent that you will kill the ticket, then you must first act crazy enough. This is the original words that the old demons taught Tang Wulin.Therefore, Ye Zhong is skeptical about the birth of these two people and their alliance with others. After all, how proud and conceited these two people are, how can they form an alliance with others if they rely on one person to push the world around and be confident and invincible in the world?

Many armies are coming at this moment, all of them are carrying a large number of talisman arrays and forbidden devices. At this moment, they are fuelling the large array, hitting the forbidden devices, and killing them towards the place where the ghost's empty grave is located."Leaf weight, I will suppress everything about you today! Just bow your head! " Magic emperor Shirley drink less, his side, at the moment there are countless black feathers, are magic gas, black feathers drifting, obviously powerful and amazing.

Subversion, only these two words can describe Tang Wulin's feelings at this time.The two men looked at each other in silence, and Yang Kai suddenly smiled and said, "I climbed ten thousand steps and one hundred steps before I came here. In that 10,000-story ladder, 500 stories change, and cold and heat alternate, which hinders people from moving forward. In that hundred steps, I received 99 Yang energy and broke an ice barrier. "