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  "The legendary treasure boy, our love!""My name is Yue Long, and everyone calls me Dragon Crazy. Meet. " The bald man stretched out his big hand to Tang Wulin.A violent roar exploded in the venue. The huge body of the nether white tiger disintegrated almost instantly, turned into countless streamers, reunited into dancing silk flowers, and flew out backwards.At this moment, whether it is the son, the king of the fifth jingu or the emperor, they are all kneeling on the ground like facing the supreme god.

  "This means is a bit too harsh. This guy didn't believe it before he died. His forbidden Lord would actually shoot him." Wheels hey hey smiled.hh99me免播放器Jiang May is definitely an activist, taking Tang Wulin straight to the living quarters of the Blood God Corps.Pearl tears, uncontrolled from the eyes of the sea princess mother and daughter, floated in the sea, emitting a faint white light.


"Together, there are many treasures on this boy. Maybe one of us can get one. This is our chance. Don't miss it!" Someone roared, and then waved his hand, and the elders of the five emperors fought together. The golden light of their body was flowing, and they were extremely terrible. They wanted to suppress Ye Chong together.Until dusk, two people came to Wumei Town, and quickly found a home in yiguang.

However, there is more and more Yangyuan energy in it.That's clearly a soul guide propeller!Jiang paused in May, and then his expression became even weirder. "Tang Wulin and Tang Wulin, I didn't know that you have such a dark heart. I cann't believe I like this tone This is really a small white face! "

"The teacher elder sister, isn't your price a little high?" Although Yang Kai has 12,000 spare, it is intended to buy the three-leaf residual soul flower and the dead wood grass of the Jedi, and it is not easy to spend it indiscriminately.Turn over and sit up, put on military uniform, go to the front of the mirror and take a photo. Because of poor sleep, she has been wearing dark circles recently. It's hard enough to train during the day. It's always her habit to fall asleep when she comes back. But now it is so difficult for her to sleep. Have to spend more time in meditation.

However, at the moment, the field is in chaos, and the chaos is extreme. For most people, it doesn't matter who moved the fragments of Emperor Dao's soldiers. What they have to do now is to run for their lives and leave this bloody magic land, otherwise they may fall if they leave late.However, at the same time of shock, the beautiful eyes of Dragon Rain and Snow flowed, and the eyes of Tang Wulin also changed. He was so impulsive because he was anxious about my safety!