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  Their bluegrass quietly drilled from the palm of Tang Wulin's right hand, and the golden texture on the bluegrass was no longer illusory, but a thin golden thread appeared, and the vine looked more tall and straight, no longer so weak.Lower the head, slightly hesitated, Tang Wulin or gently kiss on her lips. Tuck her in.But I still can't. He thought he had escaped in the most desolate and remote star field. This place was not found by anyone, but when the general corpse king passed by, he found his place."Tang Wulin, you wait for me!" Dai Yuner angry jiao voice from behind.

  Shen Xing said, "Give it to me at once."久久tv登录"Interesting, really interesting," Ye nodded emphatically. "In that case, I should take a serious shot."This scene makes him extraordinary. It seems that he has a special breath, and he can look down at the clouds in the world and sit and watch the clouds fall in Yun Qi. Such a person is like a fallen fairy.


The fishy wind blows on my face, my fangs are cold, and the smell of death comes.What the strong crave most is that everyone around them is stronger than themselves. Only in this way, the sense of oppression will become a sense of urgency, making him work harder and harder on the road of pursuing strength. This is true for Lin San. Xie Xie becomes stronger and he will only be happy.

Above the awning, the sound of runes touching each other came out, and the avatar struggled together at this moment, and the original runes they produced tore the awning.Chapter five hundred and sixty DepartureLong Gong Yan obviously made up his mind long ago, and you're welcome. He immediately said, "The simplest strength comparison of a forger is the purification of metal. Why don't we have two games? In the first game, we choose a metal and let them purify it. In the second game, you choose another metal and let them purify it. After two games, let's see who purified the metal better. There are all discerning people present, and President Zhenhua is a generation of craftsmen. Presumably, it is not difficult to make judgments. "

"You-"roared the old dragon turtle, staring at Ye Chong with a face of resentment."What do you want?" A deep voice asked him directly about his purpose.

Dark blue turned pale, and after numbness and burning, the pain began to come from the shoulder.They are now on the taxiway, which is not a real runway. It is only more than 300 meters away from the runway in front, and on the other side of the runway is a piece of grass, or a road slip zone. It is fairly flat, but it is not a hard ground.