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  In ancient times, the soul teacher was respected. At first, the Wu Soul Hall, which once controlled most soul masters in mainland China, founded this competition. Select outstanding talents from them.Cen Yue frowned. "That guy in Yongtian always has his eyes above the top. How could he accept such a small disciple? Let's go. I'll take you to the forging master level test."Speaking of which, Tang Wulin paused, "itself is not so strong, so, he released the skeleton nature is likely to be flawed in defense. I took advantage of this to attack, and sure enough, I destroyed it after interrupting the input of demons. After we rushed out, there was no pursuer, which should confirm my guess. The enemy hidden in the dark is really not so powerful. Outside the factory, he may not be our opponent. "Chapter four hundred and fifty The Sun and Moon Royal Soul College

  Others have no interest in betting on such a thing. Yuan Yehui knows Tang Wulin without Xie Xie, but she knows Xie Xie.y亚洲小说图片网"Maybe, don't be too pessimistic and desperate. I have seen it in the classics of the clan. In Hei Di's time, in the most desperate time, because of Hei Di's call to arms, the Terran once successfully broke into the corpse clan. It's just that the corpse clan has not been destroyed, and no one knows who broke into it in those days. Moreover, this is an absolute secret in Terran, and I am afraid that few people in Tianxian Academy know it. " Cai Mutong said.Now both sides are competing for skills, and no one wants to use soul skills to defeat their opponents easily, because it is a test for them.


The next moment, Tang Wulin people have caught up with the custom-made soul-guided shells in mid-air. This ejection sent him to an altitude of more than 300 meters.As he spoke, Tang Wulin raised his left hand, revealing the blood ring on his wrist.

Once the ground collided, the body burst out unexpectedly, and a whole body of hot blood splashed out, scattered on the ground, and transpiration started a blood fog.With a flash from the long bow yan fundus, with this is ..."Have you suffered a lot?" Dream shopkeeper would make poor Yang Kai. Yang Kai was fine when he left here a few days ago. I didn't expect to make this virtue just after a trip to black wind mountain. This person is not ghosts and ghosts. It is simply tragic.

Magic reed {langya} and others laughed. Originally, they couldn't wait, but they didn't try so hard at the moment, because the direction of the wheel was broken, so the army of the blood clan was definitely not easy to stop, even if they met it, they would have a headache, let alone the leaf weight at the moment.Not long ago, there were people who were very worried. Some strong corpses were even afraid that Ye Zhong would really strangle a descendant of the corpse king. In that case, the joke would really be too big.

Chapter two hundred and forty-four Set outA black line appeared on the forehead of the colored glaze fairy. You should know that even people like Daofang are her pursuers. Who is the one who pursues her on weekdays? A shameless person like Wu Hou is really rare in the world.