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  "hateful!"However, after more than two months, Xie Xie's soul force has reached the 19th level, and then he can absorb the second soul ring in his century-old soul and become an advanced master.Soon, the real dragon elixir threw the two jade bottles back. Ye reconnected in his hand and looked at it carefully, but the color of surprise appeared in his eyes. Because these two drops of liquid medicine are restrained, they are absolutely not inferior to any Dan liquid refined by Dan Shi's sacrifice. Such a thing is the top elixir in the world.The holy spirit fights? This title sounds very domineering!

  On the surface, Dai Yuner is just a four-ring cultivation, and he is not an armored division. Also ranked at the bottom of the Eight Kings. And Tang Wulin has defeated Su Mu before, and the situation of this battle is not optimistic.vip影视免费观看网址I also gained a lot this day. I picked more than a dozen herbs and caught a fat rabbit, which saved me from the worry of being hungry.Having said that, there was no anger or murderous look on her face, but she looked at Yang Kai cheerfully.


"Then don't participate." Ye Xinglan is very unkind and said, Tang Wulin can see from her eyes that her mood seems to be very bad.Tang Wulin said with a wry smile, "I almost died. Do you think it was smooth?"

How is that possible ...She stepped forward and, under the surge of colorful halo, picked her right foot and flew Dai Yuner. With a wave of his right hand, a flash of silver light pushed Dai Yuner in directly."Unexpectedly, not only the Diablo axe was used, but even the legendary fairy scroll was taken out!" In a branch, there are old monsters sneering. That scroll comes from the ancient heaven, and it is said that it is the pardon of a god, and its power is far beyond imagination.

Xu Xiaoyan suddenly stood up. At this moment, her eyes became extremely firm. She thought of a place, a place most suitable for her practice. That place, not in the south ...Tang Wulin put away all these spiritual metals for future use. He doesn't need much money now, and the fourth seal of Golden Dragon King can't be impacted now. Resources will never depreciate. It's good to keep these spiritual alloys for other use.

At this moment, he suddenly saw that the purple and gold light flashed in the eyes of the boy opposite. Suddenly, my brain ached, and there was a brief blank in my mind, and my body seemed to be out of control.What makes them most uneasy is that in a place with a faint crack, the crack is shaking gently at the moment, as if outsiders want to kill from that place.