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  Dragon call heaven and Zhang Zhenpeng have each retreated more than ten meters, and their faces are all very ugly. Dragon call heaven is a little better, just pale, but Zhang Zhenpeng's mouth has already overflowed with blood.1485. The cloud of catastropheThe emergence of Wu soul fusion technology, even with strength and influence, as long as this ability is displayed, it is well-deserved to get two places in the inner court."oh? Tell me about it. " As soon as Yang Kai heard his smirk, he knew it was definitely not a good idea.

  Although these things have little to do with him, I spent a few days with the widow of the Jiang family at that time, and I had a good talk with Tweety. Some snacks of this girl will also be shared with him, which is more playful and charming. Good people should be rewarded.xy14app官网After thinking about it, Yang Kai had an idea.This area is completely broken. I don't know how many years it will take for this small world to recover.


Yang Kai walked into the room and took down the small package on his shoulder. This package of herbs was his own harvest in three days, so Yang Kai was not at ease until he put it down first.The realm has been improved a little, and the true elements in the body have also been refined. The most remarkable improvement is the meridians and flesh and blood.

"Oh." A group of people nodded and replied."Ye Xiaozi, are you ready to become an immortal? Such an opportunity is unprecedented in ancient times. " At Ye Chong's side, Wheels looked at Ye Chong and said."Miss Huang Pu, your beautiful legs and thin waist are really chinese odyssey, but the emperor's body is really so-so. At this time, I wonder if your words still count?" Leaf weight laughed, look puffed up, but deep in the eyes is very calm.

"I fight!""Can I listen?" Xu Xiaoyan voice also spread to come over.

"Starting today, formal classes. I personally direct most of your courses. All stand up. " Dancing in the sky is cool.With the time gained by the dark awning, they promoted their own martial souls to the extreme.