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  "Wu Lin, what's wrong with you?" Dinner together, Xie Xie and Gu Yue found Tang Wulin's fault.Leaf weight look very anxious, but in the heart is sneer at.A gust of wind roared out, and Ye Zhong's figure fell on the mountain before and behind, and Ling Jianzi and Yang Feng followed step by step.Ye Zhong stared at the woman, then bowed his head and looked at the jade table in front of him. At this moment, among the cups above the jade table, the tea was crystal clear and filled with chaotic breath, which was sacred and extraordinary.

  "Well, the first person to enter it may have a huge opportunity to monopolize Aoshou, because others may not dare to enter it. There are no rules to speak of, as long as you kill it, you can kill to the point where no one dares to provoke you before the ladder, then you win! If you don't have such self-confidence, entering it will only become a dead bone. " Someone spoke like this and pointed out everything here.都市1v1高h"Ye Chong, if this guy has survived the St. King's robbery and become a real St. King's strong man, how terrible will he be?" The strong are awe-inspiring at the moment.In fact, Le Zhengyu's body has already recovered, but his bones are broken, and it will take time for him to grow up completely. Two-on-two missed it, but he was still able to make moves in the final stage of the team battle.


Xie Xie didn't good the spirit way: "In time for what? We are already late. "Yang Kaien gave a cry.

Tang Wulin didn't dare to neglect. The golden halo was switched to four soul rings, and their bluegrass was released and whipped to the swamp below, just like when dealing with the great white sharks in the sea. Through the continuous beating of bluegrass to the swamp, it quickly rushed in the direction of Yue Long.After being demoted as a trial disciple a few months ago, Yang Kai took a job of sweeping the floor in Zongmen to make a living.The troll suddenly trembled.

The original grace night fai has lost his hands at this time, with a wry smile, "that's ok, just dislocated his arms. If there is no fighting armor, I'm afraid ... "Sister Su, it's too cold! If anyone marries her in the future, I'm afraid they will have to cover themselves with quilts in hot weather. But a person as clean and noble as Sister Su is afraid that no man in the world can deserve her.

Master Zhao Tang wiped his big bald head. "Call me a nickname again and punish you."Unexpectedly, Xie Xie's reaction was faster than she thought, and she avoided the fireball.