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  Tang Wulin looks much more normal, focusing on the practice.They didn't attack Xie Xie's side first, and a dozen green wolves dragged the body of half a century-old unicorn into the Woods. There are also more than a dozen mobbed by Xie Xie.If both sides were unwilling to give in to each other just now, there is a breakthrough now.Dancer Changkong, who has always been calm, suddenly changed his face when he heard this sentence. He lost his voice and said, "Give them the title of Shrek Seven Monsters? But, according to the rules, not only the inner court disciple ... "

  "I don't know what the dance teacher wants from you." Xie Xie leaned in and said.a视频在线观看免费观18Chapter one hundred and sixty Open a caveThe next moment, the king of this statue of the third jingu suddenly made moves, and between his fingers, Lei Guang became a bird's shadow, and came to the place where Ye Chong was.


Stay in the war zone, the monster college's poor look in the eyes of the original night glow doesn't care at all, and took the big meat bag handed by Xu Lizhi and ate it.The golden dragon bully was followed by the release of the golden dragon gun, and Tang Wulin made a very strange movement with his hands on it, at the moment when the starlight shone on him.

The man's figure appeared again, but at the moment his foothold is no longer stable, but constantly swaying.Ye Chong and his party gathered in the past, and they saw someone holding a bottle of Dan medicine in front of them, from which a strong fragrance spread, making it almost impossible to move their legs.Originally, Yu Xiuping thought he had escaped, but I didn't expect these two animals to hold grudges so much, and finally found them today.

But at this moment, Tang Wulin's fighting armor, which was named dragon, showed a strong defense. Whenever the attack of the evil soul teacher fell on his fighting armor, the light lines in the form of scales would emerge in that part of the fighting armor, which greatly resolved the attack power of the claws.Everyone is still fighting armor, and only after being promoted to fighting armor division can they graduate from the inner court. The future three-character battle armor is an important symbol of whether they can become a strong generation.

The expression of the staff suddenly became respectful. "Please come with me."I also gained a lot this day. I picked more than a dozen herbs and caught a fat rabbit, which saved me from the worry of being hungry.