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  "You want to act alone?" Looked at Tang Wulin Xie Xie Xie surprised.Xu Sanshi jumped up and said, "I'm with Yu Hao and Nan Nan. You can pick anyone else. "Therefore, his shadow avatar is different from others. Xie Xie's kind of shadow is separated by virtue of the high-speed movement of the body. Have a certain ability."Why?" Dragon rain and snow finally came. When she saw the sign hanging outside the forging studio, she couldn't help asking Tang Wulin in surprise.

  Dong Er, I love you, Wutong, I love you. A loving voice echoed in Huo Yuhao's mind.md0044兄妹蕉谈电影在线观看Nine-day coffins should fly out first, and the ancient coffins burst into a bright glow. At this moment, this wild treasure burst into a wisp of god's awn and fell forward.But unfortunately, it's really too difficult for the immortal tide to move nine times, because every time the immortal tide is moved, the immortal material needed is twice as much as that of the last time. Such superposition is extremely horrible!


According to the legend, this man should have fallen for many years and never been proved. But I didn't expect him to be born again in this life. And he comes from the Terran, and his appearance should be a good thing for the Terran.All along, his strongest strength is the strength brought by the blood of King Jinlong. Compared with it, his martial soul is much weaker. But after just promotion, Tang Wulin has fully felt how powerful the Blue Silver Emperor is after the evolution of Blue Silver Grass.

The four-character armored fighting division can be said to be the highest level of human beings.The starry sky chess is really mysterious. Just now, when those teenagers were afraid to fight, they didn't appear at all, but now it has changed again."No, my family's adults like to make friends with outstanding people. Today, the important people in Ye Guan are unparalleled in fighting power and have a tendency to push the world around. I think if I can form an alliance with my family, it will be one more help in this holy market, isn't it?" The middle-aged man said.

Chapter eight hundred and fourteen Rushing into another worldAnd these injuries, even by mending the sky, can't recover instantly. They can only stabilize the injuries. Unless Ye Chong can find a place to retreat well and swallow enough holy medicine and medicine king, otherwise, it is impossible to cure the basics.

They were all very surprised, and they couldn't help but sigh at the moment. If this means is natural, it's just. If it's artificial, then we have to admit the power of Confucian Xuan.The troll suddenly trembled.