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  Tang Wulin raised his hand and shook hands with him. "Thank you for your encouragement."After all, this place is the depths of the Xianzu burial ground. If other feathered corpses make moves, they may not be able to stop it.Dai Yuner's big eyes glowed with a blue halo, as clear as two blue crystals. Tang Wulin only felt his consciousness in a trance, and everything around him suddenly slowed down.Blood eight with the wave, according to the blood god ring on his wrist.

  Several holy emperor strong men looked up at the same time, and they all felt that the holy emperor strong men of the corpse family left. Ye Chong's arrival is one of the reasons why they went through the customs, and the gathering of the strong corpses is the real reason why they all appear at this moment.tpimage官网Did Huo Yuhao ever fail to recognize the pun in the words of South Water? But he can only pretend to be confused with understanding. A respectful way: "Thank you, auntie.""I fight!"


"Maybe, trying to sacrifice this thing with blood can open it?" Qing Yin suddenly spoke, and she obviously thought of the strange scene when she first opened the stone palace. The dark blood inside was fascinating.The feeling of having a holiday is really quite good. I have no pressure from the college for the time being, and I can at least relax for a while.

Moreover, his speed is very fast, leaving little reaction time for the North Sea Corps.Yang Kai has a toughness, the toughness of not hitting the south wall and not looking back!"What's the situation?" Shi Xiaoxian looked at this scene, a face of consternation.

At the same time of Yue Long's shock, Tang Wulin's leaping body has reached the zenith in the air, and his hands are displayed on both sides of his body. On that day, when he faced King Tiger Dai Yueyan, that pair of hammers appeared in his hands again. Tang Wulin swung his arms, and with a monstrous momentum, he fell from the sky, and a pair of hammers fell flagrantly.While being shocked, Tang Wulin carefully tried to infect these elements with his emotions. Suddenly, these elements were very obedient and gathered around him under the control of his mind.

The four-character armored fighting division can be said to be the highest level of human beings."Seven swords, in a sense, are seven imperial soldiers. This kind of thing is really going against the sky!"