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  "It's not a good thing for young people to be too lucky. The first world war has not yet reached the end, and the emperor's skill is extraordinary. Just look at how he uses it at the moment. There is no strongest skill in the world, only the strongest person!" (83 Chinese website www.shushu8.com)"Bai Shisan. Are you out, too? " Black frowned. In the process of internal selection before, this Bai Shisan's talent and strength is definitely the top three among all white-level fighters on this trip. It's not yet three months, but I didn't expect him to come out so soon.And their own strength has also made a breakthrough, and they have been promoted to the third floor of pneumatic environment.Tang Wulin paused, and then said, "Centennial ice crystal fruit, Centennial Yan fruit and ten drops of blood of a century-old soul beast with dragon blood."

  Xie Xie said with a smile, "I'm looking to see if there are any beautiful senior sisters or something!" Prepare for our adulthood in the future. "肉多np巨hHe kindly reminded, immediately also don't know what means, Yang's head crashed a loud noise, ten million times more pain than just now from there."Even Daofang, Xuanwang and others may not have such a record. How did he do it? Even my old bones shameless to oppress the resin family's young players, most of them have no such record! This guy is really going against the sky! " A half-step holy emperor's strong man spoke like this, and his look was extremely shocking. He simply couldn't understand how Ye Chong's record came about.


"Not good!" Student No.1 has never encountered such a wonderful scene. All his abilities are in the soul. His lion mastiff is really strong. However, when the ontology was attacked, he was somewhat defenseless.When the Taoist is born, the heavens and the earth are full of sorrow, and all souls are respected together. All races must submit!

Tang Wulin glanced at the air and shouted, "Everyone is ready to retreat." At the same time, he pulled something out of his arms and operated it quickly."I'll go with you!" Muxi offered to go back to school with Tang Wulin.As he spoke, he took out the bottle and said, "Can I exchange it with Dan medicine?"

Long Hengxu is sitting at his desk and sulking. He is thinking very seriously about how to deal with the relationship between dancing in the sky. Today, this guy is really losing face. However, it is absolutely impossible to fire him. The dean can't pass the exam. Will he be punished again? He has gone to teach the worst class 5, Grade 1. What else can he do? This guy is because of this situation, just give yourself a dead mouse feels no cold?Leaf weight to himself, and then carefully bypassed this group of Yin soldiers, and walked towards where they came from.

Originally, I wanted to practice to the true Yuan realm, and I planned to do it again when I had the ability to fly, or I caught a flying monster beast on this hidden island and carried myself back, but either method was somewhat unreliable.Love between men and women cannot be cultivated overnight with one set of skills.